about us

Costello is the founder of Royal Wolves, a sort of baroque dog walking service that prides itself in not only exceptional dog care, but sharp style. As an artist, Costello is keenly aware of the power of aesthetics, and when he started Royal Wolves near his Riverside Park home 15 years ago, he also knew he needed to stand out. The answer, he decided, was a uniform. Drawing inspiration from icons such as Ralph Lauren, Indiana Jones, and the Marlboro Man, The Academy of Royal Wolves was born in 2002. Costello is dedicated to preserving the integrity of our neighborhood, all the while taking the utmost care of our furry best friends.

Here at the Academy, all our "wolves" are treated like royalty. We provide our own waste bags, refreshments and leather training leashes to ensure your pets comfort. Each client receives a custom leather diary embossed with their pets name to keep track of their daily activities, walking and bathroom habits. Like our handlers, all our wolves must adhere to a dress code, which is a fashionable bandana that displays their name and rank. We round out our service by providing each client with a class photo - bad hair days are encouraged!